ZORRILLO Bootlegged Marijuana by Johnny Simonich

ZORRILLO: Bootlegged Marijuana by Johnny Simonich available at Pgh PipedreamzZORRILLO:
Bootlegged Marijuana

by Johnny Simonich

Masterful storyteller, Johnny Simonich, successfully brings this historical fiction adventure ZORRILLO: Bootlegged Marijuana to life! The novel creatively documents the footsteps of bootleggers and the successful distribution of black-market marijuana. This story flows brilliantly, as it should, having been written by the ancestor of the families who pioneered the movement in the 1800s.

Throughout the entire prohibition of marijuana, secrecy has been the key to protecting one's choice to indulge and has avoided many legal and social consequences. Fulfilling such a great demand for marijuana has required a continuous flow of secret middleman suppliers. Operating within the black-market chain of supply and demand is not for the weakhearted, and ascending up the chain requires a great amount of trust and responsibility. Marijuana bootleggers have more in common with thrill-seeking adventurers than smug dope peddlers.

Author Johnny Simonich slips his readers into the shoes of the main character, George Johnson. George starts off on the right foot, until marijuana creeps into his life. George attempts to stay out of the limelight by bootlegging just enough marijuana to keep a good stash of his own and still earn enough money to make it all worthwhile. After learning he cannot trust people who claim to be his friends, George regroups. He gets married and settles down. Before long, he gets caught up in the fast lane and the huge supply and demand of black-market marijuana. George is eventually whisked away on unimaginable adventures. He joins the ranks of modern-day bootleggers that persistently push their luck and employ very clever tactics to claim their share of extremely handsome profits.

The Mexicans started to get more competitive in the high-grade marijuana market during the 1970s and 80s. Some entrepreneurs were fortunate to be in on the action. Johnny Simonich provides for his readers a vivid presentation of historical fiction. His story goes behind-the-scenes with pioneers who smuggled high-grade Mexican skunk-weed (Zorrillo) out of Southern California.

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