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Charlie Imes

charlie imes pgh pipedreamz san diego california carrick pa pittsburgh pennsylvnia thanks thank you music musician jimmy buffet endless horizon tour 2016Since I'm a west coast hippie at heart <3 it's always a joy when people with my vibe swing by the store. That's why knowing that an official hippie, like Charlie Imes, has been in our store, Pgh Pipedreamz, I get really excited! Charlie Imes brings with him a west coast charm, followed up by spectac…

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Cannabidiol (CBD) Wax

cannabidiol wax cbd wax cbdwax cbd dabs cbd dabbing multiple sclerosis where can i buy cbd wax in pittsburgh pghCannabidiol (CBD) is flying off the shelves at Pgh Pipedreamz! Once people realize the beneficial properties CBD Wax posses for illness, skin/hair, pain relief, and overall good health they can't get enough.  Research has suggested that its had incredible results on a long list of illness, including…

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Manic Millennial Manufacturing Corp #TripleMC

Manic Millennial Manufacturing Corp triple mc mmmTriple MC is responsible for the production and integration of tangible products, a variety of services, and the realization and implementation of dreams! 

A traditional manufacturing business is any business that uses components, parts or raw materials to make a finished good. These finished go…

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Green Leaf #Dreamcatcher Belly Button #BodyJewelry avail at #PghPipedreamz

marijuana dreamcatcher native american belly ring body jewelry green feathers pot leaf silver stainless steelIn some Native American cultures, a dreamcatcher is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web. The dreamcatcher is then decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads.

We love to find fun and unique body jewelry for our customers, and this piece is all…

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Kratom and You - The Side Effects of #Kratom

buy kratom capsules pills at pghpipedreamz pittsburgh carrick pa Kratom is a relatively new drug to most, and is not regulated by the FDA the same way prescription medications are scrutinized over. It is marketed as a "dietary supplement" in the US despite having been used for many years in Southeast Asia as an anti-diarrheal medicine, a painkiller, and a recreat…

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Cured Bomb Desserts Review

Cured Bomb Desserts are CBD edibles made with pure CBD oil strains. Cured Bomb Desserts are CBD edibles made with pure CBD oil strains. There is a wide variety of "treats" containing the CBD benefits to fit everyone's tastes, salty to sweet. Cured Bomb Desserts are available at Pipedreamz n'At. CBD does NOT contain THC.

I am not a smoker anymore, but I do suffer…

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#Vomach Bluetooth Earphones Review

Vomach® Bluetooth EarphonesVomach® Bluetooth Earphones

We try out a lot of NEW Music at the store, and we like to know what it's like before we play it for the public, so there is a lot of need for wireless bluetooth earbuds while we are working around the shop. Everyone who has a need to listen to music privately should …

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