The Official Grand Opening of #PghPipedreamz on #420

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Pgh pipedreamz pipedreams 2603 2600 block brownsville rd road pittsburgh pgh carrick pa pennsylvania april 20 20th 420 now open grand opening headshop head shop smokePgh Pipedreamz Official Grand Opening

  • April 20, 2016
  • Open 8am-11pm
  • FREE Admission
  • Refreshments
  • Giveaways & Contests

What is Pgh Pipedreamz?

Pgh Pipedreamz is a head shop opening in Pgh-Carrick, Pennsylvania that is devoted to matching each of it’s customers with the pipe of their “dreamz”. They offer a variety of pipes, pipe tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and novelties. They work with many small artisans, who don't mass-produce their wares. This allows Pgh Pipedreamz to fill  their shelves with one-of-a-kind and unique pieces that are NEW all the time. Regular customers enjoy the experience provided by the store and visit often.

Pgh Pipedreamz Official Grand Opening April 20, 2016

Pgh Pipedreamz will officially open it’s doors on the fourth of April joining a wealth of independent specialty shops in the Pittsburgh area specializing in providing glass pipes and other tobacco smoking collectors pieces. This head shop stands out by providing high quality pieces at an everyman’s price point. The goal to match everyone who walks thru the door with a pipe that is fitting to them, that includes what fits into their pocket book.  

Pittsburgh has always been known for its steel, glass, and hard working people. Before making steel Pittsburgh was a major distributor of glass products, that coupled with the industrious nature of the people of the Steel City, makes Pittsburgh the ideal location for a launch of a blue-collar head shop.

I had my ideas. No one listened. I took those ideas and opened my owned shop.” explained Matthew Smith, Co-Founder and President of Pgh Pipedreamz. “We all co-exist together well. We are unified  toward one goal, make ourselves better without fear of being fired.

Most head shops today have officially gone high-end and digital. If it was intimidating for the average person to walk into a head shop for the first time in the past, it has to be an absolutely daunting experience now. Pgh Pipedreamz wants to change that. When you visit Pgh Pipedreamz lingo is unimportant, the prices are targeted at middle income customers, and you will be welcomed by a patient and knowledgeable staff. If you know exactly what you need you may turn to online shopping, however; pricing can be erratic, availability may not match your expectations, and you miss the experience of networking with other collectors. Pgh Pipedreamz eliminates the need to go online by focusing on quality and style, hoping to snag the interest of the modern consumer. If they don’t have something you want, they’ll find it for you, it’s all about making the consumer smile.

The storefront is located at 2603 Brownsville Road in Carrick, a neighborhood just south of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Carrick has great public transportation access and is a beautiful neighborhood to visit. Brownsville road is historically thought of for its taverns of yesteryear and was once home to prominent mansions making the road not just a commercial district, but offering many historical sights. The shop is conveniently located on a bus line next to many complementary businesses, allowing you to turn a trip to the store into a “fun day out”.


For General Inquiries:

Pgh Pipedreamz
2603 Brownsville Rd
Pgh-Carrick, PA 15227


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