Jewelry Made by #DesignByTink

design by tink jewelryWe at Pgh Pipedreamz are excited to announce that we are currently selling an EXCLUSIVE collection of jewelry created by Design by Tink!

Every piece is handmade, and although can be reproduced, no two pieces are ever exactly the same. If you have a specific design you'd like to custom order this can be achieved by visiting the store to discuss your request. Scheduling a Sunday Appointment will get you a one on one meeting to talk over your request in detail.

steampunk hourglass jewelry hemp design by tinkMany of the pieces include:

  • Fully Functioning Glass Pipes
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Hemp
  • Hand Braided Hemp
  • Mood Stone Beads
  • Rasta Beads
  • Skull Inspired Pendants
  • Steampunk Inspired Pendants
  • Zombie Inspired Pendants

design by tink zombie skull necklaceGlass Pipe Glow in the Dark Hemp Necklacedesign by tink dreamcatcher feather earrings

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